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My daughter and as do I LOVE SCIENCE! The only science lapbooks we have completed this year have been from Yee Shall Know. She has fabulous science lapbooks based on the books in the Magic School Bus Chapter Book Series. They are colorful and well planned. If only one day my lapbooks will be like hers! The first lapbook we did of hers was based on a The Magic School Bus: Search for the Missing bones. The lapbook is all about bones, joints, cartilage, etc. My daughter really liked it.

We are currently working on another of her lapbooks for the Magic School Bus: Polar Bear Patrol. It’s not just about polar bears. It’s about the Arctic Polar Region. The book mostly talks about animals but does touch on other related topics as well. So far its coming along great. We will post pictures once we are finished and it is all assembled!

Here is the link for the Yee Shall Know website:

Below are picture of our Search for the Missing Bones Lapbook:


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This year we are trying to encourage our 7 year old to participate in Lent. Since it is very hard your young children to give up one thing for the entire 40 days, we are having her write down a list of things she can give up. We are then going to have her write them on slips of paper and put the in a jar. Everyday we are going to have her draw from the jar and she wil have to give up that thing for 24 hours.

We are also going to do the Jelly Bean Jar Prayer for both kids. They earn certain color jelly beans for doing certain things (spelled out in the word.doc- click on the Jelly Bean Jar)This should be FUN!

”FirstIf you are looking for more lent/easter craft ideas or have one of your own check out these sites:


Hi All!

We are a new, young homeschooling family! We are kind of still finding our way. It has been an awesome journey this year so far. We have a second grader and preschooler. My plan for this blog is to share with everyone what we are doing in our classroom and any FREE homeschool related items I find. I also plan to make my own lapbooks and plan to make them available for everyone to use. I am currently working on a Harriet Tubman and Titanic Lapbook. I will try and post them both within the next week. These will be my first lapbooks so hang in there with me!  Enjoy!


If you have a homeschool/craft blog please feel free to post a comment and link to your blog in the comments. I would love to see what everyone else is up to! Thanks!

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